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Reduce inefficiencies in HIL testing for traction inverter ECUs

Validating automotive traction inverter can become inefficient because of the disparate toolchains that connect design and validation. While the design team speaks in models, usually from MathWorks Simulink® or Simscape™ software, the validation team works in HIL test systems and attempts to run those models in real-time software. The hand-off rarely performs at its best… Read more »

Testing conformance and interoperability of EVs and charging infrastructure

EV and EVSE manufacturers and providers are striving to reach that magical tipping point where range, charging time, availability, safety, and price come together to help EVs become the consumer’s preferred choice versus conventional gasoline cars. However, any single design fault in this complex ecosystem will cost money and delays, and no one wants to… Read more »

bdtronic to launch new oven for curing power electronic’s potting compounds

German mechanical engineering, process specialist and automated dispensing cell manufacturer bdtronic plans to offer standardized industrial ovens for heat-treating the components found in power electronics, on-board EV chargers, autonomous vehicle sensors and automotive tire-pressure sensors. The ovens are designed to cure epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones, as well as to preheat components. bdtronic’s continuous ovens… Read more »

A closer look at minimizing charging losses: The charger (Part 2)

In the previous article, we looked at the various losses incurred on the AC side of the circuit while charging an EV’s battery (from the breaker in the load center to the EVSE inlet on the EV), as well as things that could be done to minimize them, either by the OEM, the electrical contractor… Read more »

Toshiba’s new high-voltage automotive photorelay detects relay sticking and ground faults

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage has launched a new photorelay that’s designed for high-voltage automotive batteries, battery voltage monitoring, and the detection of mechanical relay sticking and ground faults. The new TLX9160T is an AEC-Q101-qualified photorelay that’s composed of a SO16L-T package, and features high-voltage MOSFETs and an avalanche current rating of 0.6 mA in IAV…. Read more »

Power Integrations offers two new ICs with 1,700 V SiC MOSFET

Integrated-circuit (IC) maker Power Integrations has launched two new AEC-Q100-qualified, 1,700-volt-rated ICs. They are part of the InnoSwitch 3-AQ product line, and are intended for 600- and 800-V EVs and fuel cell cars, electric buses and trucks, and industrial applications such as renewable energy, battery storage, motor drives and metering. According to Power Integrations, the… Read more »

Proterra to deploy solar and battery storage microgrid for electric bus fleet

Proterra and Scale Microgrid Solutions are collaborating to install a microgrid and EV fleet charging system for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). The project, which just secured a grant from the California Energy Commission, includes solar panels and a battery energy storage system. In the event of an extended power outage, electricity stored… Read more »

Infineon introduces EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM gate driver for 48 V battery systems

German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon introduced the EiceDRIVER 2ED4820-EM gate driver with an SPI interface, which is designed to protect 48 V lithium-ion battery systems from negative and positive voltages. It’s part of the EiceDRIVER APD product line, and is in production now. The new dual-channel high-side gate driver can withstand negative voltages at Vbat down… Read more »

Rheinmetall and PolyCharge form joint venture for NanoLam capacitors in Europe

Automotive and security technology firm Rheinmetall is setting up a joint venture company with capacitor supplier PolyCharge America to develop, produce and market PolyCharge’s DC-link NanoLam capacitors for automotive, military and industrial markets. Rheinmetall has also invested enough money in PolyCharge to hold about 13% of the shares in the US-based company. According to Rheinmetall,… Read more »

DuPont ICS to introduce new laminate adhesive system for electronics

DuPont Interconnect Solutions (ICS) plans to introduce its Pyralux HP laminate adhesive system for high-performance electronics at the upcoming Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) APEX Exposition in San Diego. The system is part of the Pyralux product line and will be available for the telecommunications, networking, medical, industrial, military and aerospace markets. The IPC-certified Pyralux… Read more »