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Leapers Semiconductor to introduce new SiC power module series

Leapers Semiconductor plans to introduce its HPD series SiC power modules for the traction inverters and motors of EVs at PCIM Europe in May of 2022. Leapers Semiconductor is a China-based company that develops and manufactures semiconductors and modules. It also has an R&D center located in Japan. The HPD series consists of 1,200 V,… Read more »

Infineon releases a new series of battery management ICs

Infineon has introduced a new series of battery management ICs designed for battery modules, cell-to-pack topologies and cell-to-car topologies in EVs, hybrids and energy storage systems. The TLE9012DQU is a multichannel battery monitoring and balancing system that measures battery voltage for state of charge and state of health calculations, and can be controlled directly by… Read more »

CSM’s new Split system for measuring current, voltage and power

Measurement technology manufacturer CSM has introduced a new measurement product composed of three modules for the high-frequency measurement of current, voltage and power in high-voltage power cables. The High-Voltage Breakout Module Split (HV BM Split) is comprised of an HV SBM I open module for measuring busbars, an HV SBM I for measuring the power… Read more »

Today’s Webinar: Power GaN as a technology of choice for volume EV applications

As vehicle electrification increases, so do the requirement for power semiconductors to provide highly efficient power conversion at increasingly higher switching frequency. A move from traditional silicon to wide-band gap, in particular Power GaN FETs, can address the demands of electrification of the powertrain. In this webinar, we will cover how Nexperia addresses one of… Read more »

Littelfuse introduces new 1,000 VDC-rated fuse for EVs

The latest circuit protection product from Littelfuse is a new 1,000 VDC-rated fuse designed for protecting the on-board chargers, battery distribution units, battery packs, converters, inverters and auxiliary loads of EVs from overcurrent. The company says the new fuse is “the first automotive-grade fuse with a rating of 1,000 VDC.” The EV1K Series fuses are… Read more »

Eaton to supply circuit protection tech for 800-volt European EVs

Power management company Eaton’s eMobility business has received a contract to supply its Breaktor circuit protection technology to an unnamed European vehicle manufacturer for use in multiple models of 800-volt EVs. The Breaktor technology is a new circuit protection solution for EVs that combines the function of fuses, pyro switches and contactors into a single… Read more »

Hillcrest says its high-frequency inverter boosts efficiency

Inverter and control system company Hillcrest Energy Technologies has announced the results of efficiency testing on its proof-of-concept 10 kW inverter. In testing with an 80 kW motor, the company says testing at 20 kHz, 40 kHz and 60 kHz revealed an improvement of efficiency at each increased frequency level. “Combined with our existing test… Read more »

Indium to launch new adhesive for power module assembly

Indium Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of materials for electronics assembly, plans to release a new adhesive for power module assembly at PCIM Europe, which is scheduled for May 10 to 12 in Nuremberg, Germany. InTACK is a halogen-free adhesive designed to hold a die, chip or solder preform in place during the placement process… Read more »

Littelfuse unveils new thyristor product line with 3 kA of surge protection

Circuit protection manufacturer Littelfuse has introduced a new thyristor product line, which is designed to safeguard exposed surfaces such as RS-485 data interfaces and AC/DC power supplies in factory automation systems, energy storage systems, power distribution grids and EV charging systems. The Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor Protection Thyristor is housed in a DO-214AB (SMC) package, and supplies… Read more »

SemiQ launches SiC 1,200 V, 80 milliohm MOSFET modules in SOT-227 packages

Semiconductor supplier SemiQ has launched a new generation of its MOSFET modules, which are designed for EVs, power supplies and data centers. The second-generation SiC 1,200 V, 80 milliohm MOSFET module is housed in the SOT-227 package, and is available in a 10 A parallel diode version as well as without a parallel diode. The… Read more »