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CorePower Magnetics raises $2.5 million to develop proprietary magnetic materials

Soft magnetics technology startup CorePower Magnetics has raised $2.5 million in pre-seed funding from Volta Energy Technologies, Innovation Works and Evergreen Climate Innovations. The funding will be used to scale up development of CorePower Magnetics’s proprietary magnetic materials. “CorePower’s technology not only promises step-change performance benefits to EVs and the grid, but it is also… Read more »

Renesas Electronics launches next-gen IGBT for EV inverters

Semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics has introduced a new generation of IGBTs. It’s part of the AE product line, and a version with a 750 V withstand voltage and 300 A is available now. The AE5 is a silicon IGBT with an operating junction temperature range from -40° to 175° C and an on-voltage Vce of… Read more »

WAFIOS’s bending machine produces the complex geometries of busbars

Wire and tube-working machine manufacturer WAFIOS is offering a bending machine for producing the complex geometries of profiled parts and busbars. “The intention was to establish a more economic and more flexible production method for busbars on the market,” says the company. The BMF 60 is CNC-controlled, and is capable of a straightening, bending and… Read more »

SEMIKRON merging with Danfoss Silicon Power

Power electronics manufacturer SEMIKRON is merging with Danfoss Silicon Power. “The newly formed Semikron Danfoss joint business will be owned by the current owner-families of SEMIKRON and the Danfoss Group, [and Danfoss will be] the majority owner,” says Semikron Danfoss. “Semikron Danfoss will invest significantly in innovation, technology, and capacity to enable customer’s future growth… Read more »

hofer’s new 800 V EV inverter to use VisIC gallium nitride chips

Automotive powertrain maker hofer powertrain is using semiconductor manufacturer VisIC Technologies’s gallium nitride chip in its new inverter. hofer powertrain has selected the gallium nitride D3GaN Direct Drive D-Mode chip for its new traction inverter. The high-frequency 3-level inverter is designed for 800 V battery systems in automotive applications. “hofer powertrain’s development paves the way… Read more »

Crocus Technology’s new line of contactless current sensors

Sensor technology company Crocus Technology has announced a new line of contactless current sensors it says have a signal-to-noise ratio as high as 77 dB and the capacity to measure currents between 500 mA and 1,800 A. “With the introduction of the CT45x family of contactless current sense products, we now have a complete portfolio… Read more »

NIO selects onsemi’s VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for its next-gen EVs

Power and sensor technology company onsemi (formerly ON Semiconductor) has announced that NIO selected its VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for its next-generation EVs. The SiC VE-Trac Direct is a 900 V power module with integrated single-side direct cooling that incorporates onsemi’s second-generation SiC MOSFET technology. onsemi says “An integrated pin fin baseplate enables direct… Read more »