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Chinese companies to increase production of OCSiAl’s graphene nanotube dispersion

Graphene nanotube company OCSiAl has announced that two Chinese manufacturers of its graphene nanotube dispersion plan to raise production capacities for the dispersions. The graphene nanotube dispersion is designed for lithium-ion cells. Chinese chemical manufacturers Shenyang East Chemical (East Chem) and Shanghai Haiyi Scientific Trading (Haiyi) started producing OCSiAl’s graphene nanotubes in 2019. According to… Read more »

Impact Clean Power starts building battery gigafactory in Poland

Polish battery system manufacturer Impact Clean Power Technology (ICPT) has started construction of a factory designed to produce battery systems for public transportation, railroads and stationary energy storage applications. “For 2021, Impact held about 15% of the European electric bus battery market,” says the company. According to ICPT, the GigafactoryX “will be powered by a… Read more »

Nouveau Monde Graphite commissions coating line for graphite

Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG) has completed phase 1 of a two-part plan by finishing a coating line for the production of coated spherical purified graphite and beginning cold commissioning of a kiln and utilities. “Coating helps create a stable electrolyte interface-layer in the battery system and increase initial coulombic efficiency and discharge capacity, thus extending… Read more »

Northvolt raises $1.1 billion to support factory construction in Europe

Battery innovator Northvolt has issued a $1.1-billion convertible note to finance its expansion of battery cell and cathode material production in Europe. Investors participating in the capital raise included the Volkswagen Group, along with a raft of global financial institutions. This capital raise brings the amount Northvolt has secured since 2017 close to $8 billion…. Read more »

Umicore and Idemitsu Kosan team up to develop cathode material integrated with solid electrolyte

Umicore, a materials technology and recycling company, and oil company Idemitsu Kosan have reached an agreement to co-develop catholyte materials, which integrate cathode active materials (CAM) with solid electrolytes, for all-solid-state battery applications. Since Umicore began work on CAMs for solid-state batteries in 2017, it has established some patents in the area. “Based on more… Read more »

BMW opens second battery module production line at Plant Leipzig

BMW has launched its second battery module production line at Plant Leipzig in Germany. In May of 2021, BMW opened its first battery module production line at Plant Leipzig to manufacture modules for the BMW iX. BMW says approximately €70 million ($71.2 million) has been invested in the production line. “The BMW Group sources its… Read more »

Toyota is the global leader in solid-state battery patents

It’s common for companies to espouse green policies in public, while privately pursuing opposite goals—but Toyota turns this familiar equation on its head. Other automakers tout their enthusiasm for EVs to the media, while pushing gas-guzzling SUVs to their customers. Toyota’s leaders speak against EVs in public, and the company actively lobbies against government support… Read more »

Researchers describe benefits of an ultrasound-based thermal runaway early warning system

A team of researchers from Titan Advanced Energy Solutions and Carnegie Mellon University have studied a method for identifying and preventing thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries and described some of its benefits. The research examined Titan Advanced Energy Solution’s ultrasound-based thermal runaway early warning technology. “Titan’s work is centered on developing an ultrasound-based early warning… Read more »

Solid-state battery developer Sakuu opens battery printing and engineering facility in Silicon Valley

Sakuu, developer of a 3D-printed solid-state battery, has opened an engineering hub for its battery platform printing initiatives in Silicon Valley. The company concluded a $62-million funding round earlier this year, and recently opened a pilot production line, which is currently producing batteries for clients. Sakuu’s new 79,000-square-foot facility is expected to house 115 employees… Read more »