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Startup Verkor plans to build 16 GWh battery gigafactory in France

After at least a year in stealth mode, French startup Verkor has announced plans to build a battery gigafactory in France. The facility, which is to open in 2023, will have an initial annual capacity of 16 GWh, which could be expanded to 50 GWh at a later date. The new company says it will… Read more »

Plug-in market share powers past 8% in the UK, Germany and France

What a difference a few years (and some judicious government policy) makes. Back in 2014, the US was the center of the EV scene, and sales in Europe had yet to crack the one-percent mark. Now the Continent has left us behind. In June, the market share of plug-in vehicles exceeded 8% in all of… Read more »

France’s 8-billion-euro auto industry bailout includes support for EVs

France has announced an auto industry bailout package worth some 8 billion euros ($8.8 billion), and it includes substantial support for electrification. The new funds are in addition to a 5-billion-euro loan guarantee being considered for struggling Renault, and the many millions already spent on temporary unemployment payments to auto workers. According to Le Monde,… Read more »

Orleans transit agency orders 29 Irizar electric buses

Transit operator Keolis Métropole Orléans, which serves the city of Orleans, France, has ordered 29 Irizar ie tram electric buses. The order is part of the city’s plan to convert its entire public transport system to electric drive by 2025.  The first of the Irizar e-buses are scheduled for delivery in mid-2021. Each bus is… Read more »

UK lags behind Europe on home EV charging speeds

When you think of roadblocks to EV adoption, vision-challenged automakers, uneducated dealerships and SUV-loving consumers make for convenient culprits. However, in many parts of the world, arcane technical and political issues also present major challenges. In the UK, a technical issue having to do with the electrical grid is emerging as a limitation on home… Read more »

Paris to ban gas and diesel vehicles by 2030

The world’s most visited city plans to eliminate gas- and diesel-fueled cars by 2030. Paris City Hall said in a statement that France’s target date of 2040 for a transition to electric vehicles would require earlier phase-outs in large cities. The French capital has long been plagued by choking air pollution, leading authorities to ban… Read more »

NewMotion expands charging network in France

Charging network operator NewMotion has expanded its network in France, bringing the total to over 3,500 public charge points. Since 2009, NewMotion has grown its public charging network to over 50,000 charge points in 22 countries. NewMotion offers a range of cloud-based smart charging services to individual and corporate customers. “It is important drivers have… Read more »

France moves to unify charging networks

As more and more French drivers go electric, public charging stations are proliferating – the country currently has around 9,400 – but so are charging networks, each requiring its own subscription and payment method. Now the French government plans to make things easier for consumers by requiring network operators to unify some of their features… Read more »

Corri-Door project to install 200 DC fast charging points in France by December

French EV drivers will soon have plenty of options for intercity travel. The Corri-Door project plans to install 200 DC fast charging points at 80 km intervals along major highways, and in nearby shopping centers, throughout the country. The first two stations are now operational, at the Bosgouet Nord (A13) and Tardenois Nord (A4) motorway… Read more »

Bolloré to build nationwide charging network in France

Groupe Bolloré, the French conglomerate that operates electric car-sharing services in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Indianapolis, has won government backing for a charging network across France. Bolloré plans to invest 150 million euros ($172 million) to install 16,000 Level 2 chargers over the next four years. Subscribers will be able to reserve time slots at… Read more »