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GM CEO: next-generation Volt will see big price drop

GM CEO Daniel Akerson was talking green with Fortune’s Geoff Colvin at this week’s Brainstorm Green conference. He talked about the $90 million that GM saves every year in the US from its energy- and waste-saving policies, and took a dig at the politicians, pointing out that no president since Nixon has articulated a national… Read more »

LG Chem says US battery plant will begin production in late 2013

South Korea’s LG Chem plans to start production at its US car battery factory in the second half of this year, two executives told Automotive News. The Holland, Michigan manufacturing plant drew some unpleasant publicity in February, when a DOE investigation found that the production line at the plant was idle, but workers were being… Read more »

Plug-in vehicle sales set a new record in March

Please don’t tell any of the mainstream media, but US plug-in vehicle sales reached a new all-time high in March. Interestingly, pure EV sales (4750) outnumbered PHEV sales (3080), which, if its not just a temporary market gyration, would seem to be a reversal of the current conventional wisdom. In first place for March is… Read more »

February plug-in sales: Volt back on top, LEAF in short supply

As overall sales continue to be slow, the Chevrolet Volt regained its title of best-selling plug-in vehicle in the US with deliveries of 1,626 units in February. It was no surprise to see a large increase over January’s meager sales of 1,140, which GM attributed to a holiday production pause. Significantly, the latest number handily… Read more »

Volt battery supplier forced to return $842K in DOE funds

The bad news: a colorful scandal has emerged at another of the companies that received DOE funds to build EV-related components. The good news: this time the feds got wise to the hanky-panky in time, and are forcing the company to make amends. In 2009, Korean battery maker LG Chem received a $150-million federal grant,… Read more »

December 2012: best month ever for plug-in vehicle sales

Even as the mainstream press continues to insist that no one is buying plug-in vehicles, December set a new monthly sales record, as the three market leaders continue to battle for the top spot, and a couple of new entrants posted impressive early results.  The Chevrolet Volt rebounded from a weak November to sell 2,633… Read more »

November sales: Prius Plug-in takes lead, Volt drops to third place

The good news: 2012 plug-in vehicle sales may turn out to be triple the 2011 figure. The bad news: November’s total is down a little from October, and sales of the former front-runner, the Chevy Volt, took a big hit. The Volt sold 1,519 units in November, a steep decline from October, in which the… Read more »

GM and ABB demonstrate grid storage system built from used Volt batteries

  At the recent Electrification Experience symposium in California, GM and ABB demonstrated a “community energy storage system” made from five used Chevy Volt batteries. The unit is designed to provide 25 kW of power for two hours, enough to power 3 to 5 average American homes (a few dozen of these babies would come… Read more »