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Comparing liquid-dispensed gap fillers and thermal pads in battery packs: WEBINAR

Heat generated in high-density automotive battery packs is often managed by connecting battery cells and/or modules to a heat sink via a thermal interface material (TIM). The TIMs promote heat conduction by displacing any air that resides within the large gaps and microscopic rough surfaces that exist between the substrates to be bridged. In practice, battery… Read more »

TIMs can account for up to 50% of thermal resistance in IGBT stacks: WEBINAR

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) serve as the thermal path between a device and a heat sink. In automotive environments, extreme thermal stability is required to support the long product lives and warranties. So TIMs are critical to the thermal design of EV and HEV power modules where the material can account for up to 50% of… Read more »