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New Li-ion battery sensor tech promises 5x faster charging

According to researchers at the University of Warwick (UK), a new testing technique they have developed shows that commercially available lithium-ion batteries can safely be charged up to five times faster than currently recommended. In a paper entitled “Understanding the limits of rapid charging using instrumented commercial 18650 high-energy Li-ion cells,” published in the journal Electrochimica… Read more »

Garnet ceramic electrolyte helps block dendrite formation

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a new template that they hope will enable a safer alternative to liquid electrolytes, which have several drawbacks, including flammability, leakage and dendrite formation in the electrodes. In “Lithium-ion conductive ceramic textile: A new architecture for flexible solid-state lithium metal batteries,” published in Materials Today, UMD researchers… Read more »

Increasing concentration of LiFSI salt suppresses dendrite formation

Lithium metal is considered an ideal anode material due to its exceptional charge and storage capability, but it has a tragic flaw: root-like growths called dendrites, which can lead to short-circuiting and spontaneous combustion. Now, researchers at the University of Maryland (UMD) have announced a breakthrough in their quest to solve the dendrite issue. In… Read more »

ION Energy acquires battery management company Freemens SAS

Start-up ION Energy, which builds energy storage systems and EV infrastructure, has acquired French battery management company Freemens SAS. Freemens founder and CEO Alexandre Collet joins ION as VP of Engineering. Freemens products include the FreeSafe Extended (FS-XT) battery management system, the FreeSafe LT battery management system, Fusion firmware and Freeway cloud fleet management. Freemens… Read more »

Sendyne’s new battery simulation tool boasts high accuracy, compact footprint

Battery management specialist Sendyne has unveiled new technology it says can predict cell and pack behavior of lithium-ion batteries with better than 5 percent accuracy in real time. CellMod, a lithium-ion battery simulation tool, has already been deployed by a US battery manufacturer. It’s designed to reduce design time and costs by employing rapid cell… Read more »

Batteries expected to increase demand for nickel

Just one word for you: nickel. That’s the gist of a new report from the metals and minerals research firm Roskill. In its latest ten-year market outlook, Roskill predicts nickel consumption will rise by almost 4% per year, driven by increased consumption by stainless steel producers and by growth in demand in the automotive battery… Read more »

UK’s Faraday Institution awards £42 million to four battery research consortia

The Faraday Institution, the UK’s independent national battery research institute, has announced up to £42 million ($58 million) in new government funding to four UK-based consortia to conduct research aimed at overcoming battery challenges. The topics for the four projects were chosen in consultation with industry, to ensure that the research is producing solutions that… Read more »

New membrane extracts lithium from fracking waste water

As EVs proliferate, global demand for lithium is rapidly outpacing the rate at which it can be mined or recycled, but an international team of researchers are working on a solution. Professor Benny Freeman of the University of Texas, and his colleagues at Monash University and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in… Read more »

Lithium Werks acquires Valence Technologies

Battery and portable power solutions group Lithium Werks has acquired substantially all the assets of Valence Technologies, including Valence’s proprietary lithium magnesium iron phosphate IP. Lithium Werks, which has subsidiaries in the US, Europe and China, intends to continue supplying its Valence Modules and Battery Management System to global energy storage customers, and to introduce… Read more »