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Magna Steyr engineers still working on Apple EV?

The word on the street is that Apple is scaling back its automotive ambitions – the New York Times and others have suggested that the company may be planning to develop autonomy software in partnership with an existing automaker rather than build its own car. However, Bloomberg now reports that automotive heavyweight Magna Steyr still… Read more »

Apple EV may use a novel hollow battery design

The iCar is still purely hypothetical, but there’s no longer any question that Apple is delving ever deeper into the automotive space. The company has invested millions of dollars in R&D, and assembled a team of nearly 1,000, including some high-profile auto industry veterans with deep experience, especially in the battery department. The latest clue… Read more »

Apple EV chief leaving the company

While Apple still hasn’t publicly announced its automotive ambitions, the fact that the consumer electronics giant is working on a car is “an open secret,” in the words of fellow traveler Elon Musk. CEO Tim Cook has said that the triple trend of electrification, autonomy and connectivity will bring about “massive change in the industry.”… Read more »

What does Elon Musk think of the Apple iCar?

There’s no longer any doubt that Apple is doing some electric vehicle R&D. Whether an actual iCar will eventually disrupt the dinosaurs of Detroit remains to be seen, but a Greek chorus of auto industry insiders is already warning the champions of Cupertino not to do battle with this dragon. A recent Fortune article ridiculed… Read more »

Apple exec: “The car is the ultimate mobile device.”

Will Apple’s next blockbuster product line have wheels and a windshield? Well, the company hasn’t said it won’t, and Senior VP Jeff Williams made some tantalizing comments at last week’s Code Conference. Responding to a question about what the company might do with its massive pile of cash, Williams said, “The car is the ultimate… Read more »

Apple and A123 settle engineer-poaching lawsuit

The iCar is still just a rumor, but Apple surely has been showing a lot of interest in EV-related technology, including large-format batteries. This week, the Cupertino computer-maker agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that it had been showing a little too much interest in engineers working for Massachusetts battery-maker A123. In February, A123 filed… Read more »

Tesla has picked over 150 employees from Apple

Disruptive technology in an elegantly designed package that sells itself – that’s the formula that’s been working wonders for two American companies. The parallels between Tesla and Apple, and the fact that quite a few employees have made a move from the computermaker to the carmaker, isn’t news, but a recent Bloomberg article puts some… Read more »