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Toshiba launches new opto-isolated IGBT gate pre-driver IC for inverters


Toshiba’s new TB9150FNG, an opto-isolated Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) gate pre-driver IC, features various enhanced protective functions for the inverters of electric and hybrid vehicles.

As the control and drive functions of an inverter have different operating voltages, they must be isolated from each other. This is typically accomplished with a device such as a photocoupler, but this solution results in loud noise from the drive circuit. Another concern is that efficient IGBT driving requires small, versatile IGBT gate pre-driver ICs with built-in protective functions.

The new TB9150FNG, which is based on AEC-Q100 standards, integrates a photocoupler that insures high-level isolation between control (the primary side) and drive (the secondary side). It incorporates a precise IGBT temperature detection function, a flyback transformer controller and a short circuit detection function (current sense and desaturation monitor).

Sample shipments have begun, and mass production is scheduled to start in 2018.


Source: Toshiba via Green Car Congress

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