EVBox partners with EVA Global and introduces remote diagnostics

Amsterdam-based EV charging station provider EVBox has transitioned its Level 1 support to EVA Global, an EV charging managed services provider headquartered in Finland. 

EVBox customers will now receive 24/7 support in English, Dutch, German and French on Level 1. EVBox anticipates significant cost savings from the move. EVA Global’s services include Level 1 and Level 2 support as well as support for management of field service provider networks.

EVBox has also developed initiatives to improve its aftersales division, including the introduction of a LiveChat and Virtual Assistant on the company’s website and integration of a remote diagnosis telematic device into its fast charging stations.

“Our scalable approach revolves around constantly updating care plans tailored to individual customer needs, informed by real-time feedback and co-development initiatives,” said Jean-Pascal Bourdier, Vice President Aftersales & Customer Services at EVBox. “This partnership with EVA Global marks a pivotal step in our journey, allowing us to leverage their expertise while retaining control over our systems.”

Source: EVBox


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