Taiga releases fast charging software update for its electric snowmobiles

Canadian off-road EV manufacturer Taiga Motors has released an over-the-air Taiga OS software update to enable DC fast charging capabilities for its existing battery hardware, permitting charge times as fast as 0-80% in 30 minutes. 

In Quebec, where Taiga is based, an estimated 5,000 kilometers of the province’s more than 30,000-kilometer trail network are accessible on an electric snowmobile. Owners can simply plug into Taiga chargers or standard automotive fast charging stations using the already equipped CSS1 combo connector port.

Nomad snowmobile owners will receive a Taiga OS update enabling DC fast charging by accepting a prompt on the vehicle’s digital display.

“Introducing the fastest charging option available on the market to our range of up to 100 kilometers is a game changer for our customers and to Taiga’s mission of accelerating powersports electrification,” said Sam Bruneau, CEO at Taiga.

 Source: Taiga Motors


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