Startup Chargeway launches kiosks to showcase EV charging options

Chargeway, a software startup that has developed a simple visual language for charging and selling EVs, has launched a digital kiosk to be placed in auto dealerships and EV showcases. The kiosks, called Chargeway Beacons, are designed to educate potential EV buyers on the various available public charging options. The kiosks will be showcased at the 2019 Portland International Auto Show.

Chargeway’s system uses basic colors and numbers to identify the various EV plug options and charging speeds.

The company will deploy Chargeway Beacons at specific auto dealers primarily along the I-5 and I-84 corridors in Oregon, with the hope of encouraging EV literacy and sales among EV drivers and potential buyers.

Oregon utilities PGE and Pacific Power have partnered with Chargeway for the pilot program as part of their EV adoption programs. The pilot will also support Oregon’s state program to spur EV adoption, which has a goal of 50,000 plug-in vehicle registrations by 2020.

Greg Remensperger, Executive VP of the Oregon Auto Dealers Association, a program partner, said, “With EV range and battery life improving year over year, the last step is making the electric fueling experience easy to explain and use for drivers. We envision Chargeway as being the final piece of the conversation to help consumers transition to fully electric cars.”


Source: Chargeway


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