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Sensata Technologies introduces micro-fused strain gage for hybrid and EV brake systems

Sensata Technologies

Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensing, electrical protection and power management solutions, is now offering a line of smaller, lighter Micro-fused Strain Gage (MSG) pressure sensors for use in hybrid and EV brake systems.

“To ensure traditional braking feel in hybrid and electric vehicles, brake systems require additional pressure sensors,” said Jeff Silveria, Sensata’s Performance Sensing Segment Manager. “Offering our caliber of pressure sensing in a smaller, lighter package lets our customers adopt multiple sensors without growing their module.”

The eXtra-small Form Factor (XFF) sensor weighs less than 5 grams, and measures a mere 7.8 x 30 mm. It uses a modular port design, catering to a wide range of system pressures, and a modular circuit architecture.

Sensata’s MSG technology offers analog and digital integrated pressure and temperature signal conditioning, and is designed to deliver an accurate, stable signal over a wide range of operating temperatures (-40° to +140° C) and pressures.


Source: Sensata via Green Car Congress


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