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Researchers find additive can limit dendrite growth

A research team led by Dr. Hongyi Li and Dr. Tetsu Ichitsubo, both of Tohoku University in Japan, found that a multivalent cation additive can limit dendrite growth in rechargeable batteries by modifying the solvation structures of lithium or sodium ions in electrolyte.

In an article published in Cell Reports Physical Science, the researchers say: “Specifically, focusing on CaTFSA2 as an exemplary additive, we reveal that dendrite-free morphology upon alkali metal electrodeposition can be attained by modifying the solvation structures in dual-cation electrolytes.”

“Our modified structure moderates the reduction of lithium or sodium ions on the electrode surface and enables a stable diffusion and electric field,” said Dr. Li.

According to Tohoku University Research News, “The discovery prevents potential battery degradation and short circuiting, and paves the way for higher energy-density metal-anode batteries.”

For their next steps, Li and Ichitsubo are hoping to improve the metal anode’s interfacial design to further enhance the cycle life and power density of the batteries.

Source: Tohoku University Research News

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