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PolyPlus and SK Innovation to develop glass-protected lithium metal battery

PolyPlus, a Californian company that’s developing a rechargeable lithium metal battery with a conductive glass separator, has entered a development agreement with Korean energy and chemical company SK Innovation.

The collaboration is focused on PolyPlus’s solid-state lithium anode laminate. The companies’ initial goal is to produce and test prototype cells to demonstrate increased volumetric and gravimetric energy density and cycle life relative to existing Li-ion cells.

SK is providing development funding, and is receiving an option to make an investment in PolyPlus equity at a capped price per share and an option to negotiate a license to PolyPlus technology for EVs.

PolyPlus CEO Steve Visco said, “SK provides complimentary capabilities to facilitate the commercialization of PolyPlus’s unique glass-protected lithium metal battery technology in the automotive field.”


Source: PolyPlus


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