Noodoe’s new EV Home charging station

EVSE manufacturer Noodoe has launched a new Level 2 residential EV charging station. The Noodoe EV Home is UL-listed, and features a universal SAE J1772 connector and a dust-, water-, and ice-resistant casing.

The EV Home delivers 32 amps of power, which can add up to 25 miles of range per hour. It sells for $599 (plus installation).

Noodoe Chairman John Wang said, “Instead of waiting for a public electric vehicle charging station, Noodoe EV Home allows you to have the same Level 2 charging capabilities, in your garage. It’s powerful, fast, inexpensive to own and adds to your property value.”

Source: Noodoe

  • Lance Pickup

    Is there something new here, or is this just an ad for this EVSE?

    • Iron Edison

      Filed under “Newswire” means its just a reprint of a press release. So it’s a new product announcement. I fully agree with your point, but also think the site did an OK job of telling us the “source” of the information.

      • Lance Pickup

        Well yes, I’m aware that this site does tend to do not much more than repost press releases (which is a bit disappointing), but at least those press releases are usually newsworthy. This one wouldn’t even seem newsworthy in 2012.

  • mrrumbles

    Including the range added per hour metric is almost always problematic. This metric is dependent on both the charge rate but also the vehicle efficiency. The “up to 25 miles” indicates an energy consumption of approximately 300 Wh/mile, but there is no reason that value couldn’t be lower.