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New video goes inside Chevy Volt battery lab

2016 Chevrolet Volt Powertrain

GM has released a wealth of information about the new and improved Voltec electric-drive system that will power the 2016 Volt. A new video from CNN takes us inside a GM plant for a quick look at some of the Volt’s innards.


Under the watchful eyes of the pros, presenter Peter Valdes-Dapena says it takes him half an hour to build a Volt drive unit (it happens in 3 minutes on the assembly line). Unfortunately, we only get to see the highlights, as he slides the two motors onto their shaft and bolts the housing together.         

Next he visits the battery lab, where the new, smaller but more powerful pack comes together, and is subjected to a “battery” of tests. The testers ensure compatibility by plugging into wall sockets from around the world, and twist the charging cable to test its durability.

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This video is cute, but another one released by Chevrolet shows a lot more detail of the powertrain. 



Source: CNN Money

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