MAHLE licenses wireless EV charging technology from WiTricity

Automotive supplier MAHLE announced that it has licensed magnetic resonance wireless charging technology from WiTricity.

“With the acquisition of licenses for WiTricity’s magnetic resonance technology, we’re now progressing to the concrete development stage,” said MAHLE’s Otmar Scharrer. “This will involve our expertise in control electronics, software, and thermal management. In the development of our solution, we’re placing particular emphasis on a modular, compact system that can be upgraded by the customer.”

MAHLE’s system will be bidirectional, allowing EVs to both charge and give energy back to the network. The heat generated during the charging process could be used to preheat the passenger cabin, according to MAHLE.

“This addition to the MAHLE portfolio provides us with a crucial element for the long-term acceptance and expansion of e-mobility,” said MAHLE CEO Jörg Stratmann. “We believe this technology offers strong market potential. Our solution will enable fast, reliable, and highly efficient charging.”


Source: MAHLE

  • Argovicus

    This is definitly the futur technology for charging batteries on the motor car. Electricaly propelled cars fueld by batteries will be the technology for cars operating in towns and short distance. Its an economical step ahead. So Mahle is doing just the right thing and will be escorting the automobil industry in the futur as well.

  • freedomev

    So they think paying 5x more for the equipment and waste 15% each way is smart?
    This can be more easily done with an automatic probe/basket, Tesla Snake or under EV slot with normal contacts, makes this fiasco a bad joke.