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LeydenJar says its silicon anode boosts battery energy density by 70%

LeydenJar Technologies, a Dutch spinoff of the applied research institute TNO, has developed a new battery anode that’s made from 100% silicon. The company says this provides two key benefits: batteries with a 70% higher energy density (1,350 Wh/L) and 62% lower CO2 emissions than current models. The anode is ready for production, and LeydenJar is preparing to scale up its manufacturing capacity in the coming years—it says the new technology does not increase production costs and is a plug-in solution for existing battery gigafactories. 

The company produced pouch cells using its new silicon anodes and commercially available battery materials, such as NMC 622 cathodes. According to LeydenJar, DNV GL confirmed that the cells delivered more than 100 cycles at a C/2 rate. CTO Yiseop Ahn expects to significantly improve cycle life performance.

Founder and Managing Director Christian Rood said, “Electric driving, more intelligent smartphones, electric flying…everything and everyone is waiting for better batteries. Our solution is smart and easily incorporated, and there’s no additional cost.”

Source: LeydenJar

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