ITT Cannon launches customizable DC fast charging connector

Electronics giant ITT Cannon launched a new customizable DC fast charging connector at a recent auto show in Munich. The connector offers up to 150 amps of continuous charging and up to 150 kilowatts of power.

Anh Phan, ITT Cannon’s Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, said, “We will continue creating solutions that move EVs further into the mainstream.”

Source: ITT Cannon

  • f1geek

    Is something wrong with this information? Assuming charging at 400 V, 150A x 400V = 60 kW. Even at 800V and 150 amps, that is only 120 kW. You’ll need to push 400 amps to get 150 kW at 400V. So how does this connector, rated at 150 amps, also support 150 kW?

    • Bob Green

      They are using magic.

  • Dan Cizmarov

    Maybe just Wire’s must be Rated up to 1000V some I know 1200 vac but amps are dropped with higher V to output kw rating .