IONITY unveils new 350 kW Tritium fast charger

IONITY, a joint venture among Daimler, Ford, BMW, and VW that is building a fast charging network throughout Europe, has unveiled its next generation charger – the Halo – which it designed in collaboration with fast charger manufacturer Tritium.

These next-gen chargers are capable of 350 kW DC charging, and can add 350 km (220 mi) of range in as little as 10 minutes. The new design features a distinctive LED halo that emits enough light to remove the need for additional lighting around the charge site. The unit offers seven on-screen language options and contactless payment.

The first site for the new charger is slated for Greve, Denmark, with subsequent rollout expanding across Scandinavia, particularly in Norway.

IONITY recently signed deals with Tritium to install its chargers – a mix of the existing Veefil-PK installations and the new Halo charger – at 220 of the planned 400 sites across Europe, with up to six chargers at each site. In all, IONITY’s network will establish 2,400 charging points across Europe.

“We are confident our revolutionary next-generation high-power chargers will accelerate the breakthrough momentum of the expanding IONITY network,” said IONITY CEO Michael Hajesch. “The new design, featuring innovative lighting solutions, an advanced digital user interface and a class-leading engineered architecture will make charging an EV even more convenient for drivers.”

Source: IONITY


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