IONITY opens 100th high-power DC charging station

IONITY, a joint venture of several automakers that’s building a fast charging network in Europe, has opened its 100th high-power charging site. Located in Rygge, Norway and operated by Circle K, the site has six 350 kW IONITY charging points, and has the space to add up to six more.

“Rygge is an ideal stop-off and charging location for those travelling from Oslo to Gothenburg, Malmø, Copenhagen, and Hamburg,” said IONITY COO Marcus Groll. “The latest generation of ultra-fast charging stations delivering 350 kW are currently the last word in high-power charging. We have secured agreements with renewable energy suppliers in nine countries and are able to offer our customers green energy.”

He added, “There are a further 51 sites under construction and our first stations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Italy are now open for business. For about 95 percent of the planned stations, the contracts with the respective site owners have already been signed.”

Source: IONITY

  • Robert de Leeuw

    Is there still energy available at Rygge? Tesla has already 42 super chargers at the same location.

  • Kim S. Andreasen

    Nothing in Portugal and only two locations in the far northern part of Spain. Thumbs down. Come on – those countries are also valid EU members, and especially in Portugal EVs are doing reasonably well.