Hubject to open-source its Open InterCharge Protocol

EV charging platform company Hubject is making its Open InterCharge Protocol (OICP) open source. OICP currently supports over 100,000 charge points for more than 300 companies in 26 countries, according to Hubject. In addition to opening OICP, the company will allow connection to the platform by other eRoaming protocols.

“With this announcement, we invite everyone in the market to jointly develop the OICP protocol,” says Nils Dullum, Hubject CSO. “We believe the industry will move forward quicker and Interoperability will be commonplace everywhere, when we can collaborate openly.”

“We are making this change to be able to connect market participants with an open source OICP or other open-source protocol in any new or established market,” said Paul Glenney, Hubject CEO. “This adjustment is also consistent with the philosophy of the Hubject platform’s open EV charging marketplace where all businesses are on a level playing field and able to easily connect to all suppliers big and small.”

Source: Hubject

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