HUBER+SUHNER expands RADOX EV-C pass-through system with multi-core cables

HUBER+SUHNER, a supplier of high-voltage connectors, has unveiled its RADOX EV-C Multi-Core cable system, engineered for use with EV auxiliary devices. Designed with the growing trend of electrification in mind, the new EV-C Multi-Core cable system is the latest addition to the RADOX EV-C family, extending the HUBER+SUHNER EV offering beyond standard high-voltage power supplies.

EV manufacturers need solutions that power not only the vehicle drivetrain, but also the electrical systems onboard. The RADOX EV-C Multi-Core cable system is designed to connect auxiliaries, such as electric air conditioning, e-compressors, e-power steering, cabin heaters and e-turbos, that have been integrated into the vehicle architecture.

To optimize cost and time efficiency, the RADOX EV-C Multi-Core uses the same thread interface as the RADOX EV-C Single-Core. The company says this eliminates the need for special interface preparations. Designers can adapt one type of interface for use with both single and multi-core connections.

“HUBER+SUHNER is already well-established for developing high-voltage solutions for EVs, but we were keen to push our innovation further to provide a solution that connects other high-voltage systems on-board,” said Product Manager Robert Weirauch. “By utilizing the same design principle as the Single-Core cable system, we have further simplified high-voltage connections, delivering a system that allows for effortless integration in the vehicle.”


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