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HPQ Silicon: a project for the development of silicon-based anode materials

HPQ Silicon has announced that HPQ, PyroGenesis Canada and the Énergie Matériaux

Télécommunications Centre (ETM) of the Institut national de recherche scientifique (INRS) have set up a research project focused on the development of silicon-based materials as active anodes for lithium-ion batteries. 

HPQ and PyroGenesis will be responsible for the production of silicon materials from the PUREVAPTM Quartz Reduction Reactor and the PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon Reactor. The INRS-EMT will be responsible for the characterization of the materials and the optimization of the electrode formulations at a laboratory scale.

“This research project, funded in large part by government grants, will provide us with independent validation of our silicon battery products, while providing us with quick and comprehensive feedback on the potential of our materials,” said HPQ CEO Bernard Tourillon. “Since we will own the data we collect, it will be very useful when we present our products to a multitude of potential buyers.”

Source: HPQ Silicon

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