Greenlots partners with Ivy Charging Network in Ontario

Greenlots, a provider of charging and energy management solutions that was acquired by Shell last year, has partnered with Ivy Charging Network, a fast charging network recently launched by utilities Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation (OPG). The new deal includes the installation of 100 DC fast chargers (DCFCs) at 43 sites along major highway corridors across Ontario. Greenlots will handle site acquisition, engineering, design, hardware sourcing, construction, network operation and maintenance of Ivy’s initial 100 DCFCs

Sites in Huntsville and Blind River are currently in operation, and the company expects to complete all 43 sites by fall 2020.

Natural Resources Canada provided financial support.

Henrik Holland, COO at Greenlots, said, “This project, which includes repayable investments from the Canadian government, is contributing to the establishment of a coast-to-coast EV fast charging network, and will remove barriers for EV adoption by increasing access to fast chargers across Ontario.”

Theresa Dekker, Co-President of Ivy Charging Network, said, “By the end of 2021, Ivy Charging Network will have 73 locations that will connect the province of Ontario from north to south and east to west.”

Source: Greenlots


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