FDK and Fujitsu develop novel cathode material for solid-state batteries

Li-ion Batteries 18650 - Pouch Cell (Charged EVs)

FDK and Fujitsu Laboratories have jointly developed lithium cobalt pyrophosphate (Li2CoP2O7) as a cathode material for solid-state lithium-ion batteries. The new material can operate at charge/discharge voltages of more than 5 V, which is beyond the limits of current lithium batteries.

The energy of a battery is a function of its voltage and capacity, so an electrode material with high voltage and high capacity is required to create a battery with high energy density. The lithium cobalt pyrophosphate material, which was developed through the use of FDK’s Computer Aided Engineering technology and Fujitsu’s materials formation technologies, has approximately 1.5 times the energy density of existing cathode materials.

FDK is using an inflammable oxide-based material as a solid electrolyte.


Source: FDK via Green Car Congress