EVBox launches new generation of fast and ultra-fast chargers

Charging station manufacturer EVBox revealed its new fast charger, the Troniq 100, and the redesign of its ultra-fast charger, the Ultroniq, at the recent CES trade show. The Troniq 100 and Ultroniq offer power outputs of 100 kW and 350 kW respectively.

The new fast and ultra-fast chargers also offer:

  • Retractable cables
  • LED lights
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Larger touchscreens than prior models
  • 200 A and 500 A of power for the Troniq 100 and Ultroniq respectively

The Troniq 100 is scheduled to be available globally by Q2 2020. The Ultroniq is scheduled to be available by Q3 2020.

Source: EVBox

  • freedomev

    Prices would be nice.

  • http://www.pbconsultinginc.com Stephen Bieda

    Ultrafast charging is certainly the direction we must go with the increasing number of 100+ kWh battery packs being offered soon. Such infrastructure however really must be couple with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) as the demand charges in most jurisdictions would be significant.