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Enevate says its batteries can charge 5-10 times faster than conventional Li-ion


California-based Enevate Corporation has announced an “ultrafast charging” feature for its batteries, which has been demonstrated to provide a 90% charge in 15 minutes while increasing capacity compared to current Li-ion batteries.

Enevate’s HD-Energy Technology uses silicon-dominant composite anodes, and the company claims an 25-50% increase in energy density over conventional graphite anode cells. The company is currently marketing its new batteries to makers of smartphones and other mobile devices.

“The charge rate of Enevate batteries can be 5-10 times faster than conventional batteries due to multiple reasons, including faster kinetics of silicon,” said Dr Benjamin Park, Founder and CTO of Enevate. “Enevate’s unique silicon Li-ion batteries deliver both ultrafast charging and high energy density at the same time. The batteries are resistant to lithium plating during charging which allows for cycle life to be maintained even with high charge rates.”


Source: Enevate 


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