Electrada and Holman team with Red Bull to offer comprehensive fleet electrification

Cincinnati-based EV charging station developer and contractor Electrada has entered into an agreement with California-headquartered Red Bull Distribution, a subsidiary of Austrian energy drink maker Red Bull, to provide the charging infrastructure for electrification of Red Bull’s fleet.

The program was initiated through Electrada’s partnership with Holman, a US-based automotive services company.

The collaboration between the two companies is designed to help North American fleet operators accelerate and scale the integration of EVs into their fleets through Electrada’s performance-contracted 360 Charging-as-a-Service (360 CaaS). Holman and Electrada offer fleet operators vehicles and charging infrastructure. The infrastructure is capitalized and performance-contracted to allow organizations to transition to EVs at low risk.

“We work closely with our customers to develop a turnkey electrification solution,” said Holman’s Director of Energy & Connectivity Emily Graham. “It is a collaborative process to ensure a seamless transition.”

Source: Electrada


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