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DOE awards Saratoga Energy $1 million to commercialize its battery tech

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Berkeley, California-based Saratoga Energy has won a million-dollar Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant from the DOE to help commercialize its process for synthesizing graphite from carbon dioxide.

“Graphite is an essential material in advanced lithium-ion batteries,” said Drew Reid, Saratoga Energy’s CEO. “Our process produces graphite more sustainably and affordably than traditionally-sourced graphite, which is mined in Asia or synthesized from petroleum.”

Saratoga Energy says that graphite made with its patented process can charge and discharge more quickly. “People can spend less time plugged in and more time driving, which helps EVs be more competitive with gas vehicles,” said Reid.

Saratoga will use the grant money to establish a pilot production facility and ramp up production. The company’s plans include scaling up production tenfold, to about one kilogram per day; sharing samples with interested companies developing batteries; and further refining the company’s production and post-production processes.

“To get a Phase II grant, you have to show a clear and logical path toward commercialization. We have a few more steps to go before commercialization, and this grant will help get us there,” Reid said.


Source: Saratoga Energy

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