ClipperCreek launches upgraded dual-charging station

ClipperCreek’s new HCS-D40P is a 32-amp, Level 2 dual-charging station. The wall-mount charger is equipped with a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 plug, as well as 25-foot charging cables.

The HCS-D40P is available for $1,369. Owners of ClipperCreek’s HCS-40P or HCS-50P can swap out their old chargers for the new version through the Trade-UP! program.

Amanda Lance, ClipperCreek Inside Sales Manager, said, “The Trade-UP! program was introduced in May. We’ve now expanded the program to buy back HCS-50P units and added the new plug-in HCS-D40P to the list of dual stations that qualify as well. For a limited time, consumers who purchase any dual charging station (hardwired, ruggedized, or plug-in) can sell their functioning used HCS-40, HCS-40P or HCS-50P back to ClipperCreek for $250.”

Source: ClipperCreek


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