BRUGG eConnect to launch 850-amp liquid-cooled charging cable

Swiss cable maker BRUGG eConnect has announced a new high-performance charging cable, the PURWIL Connect 850+ Cooled, that can deliver DC electricity at 1,000 volts and up to 850 amps. The company plans to launch the cable in early 2020.

Today’s conventional cables typically max out at 550 amps, but thanks to an in-wire cooling system, the PURWIL Connect 850+ Cooled was able to manage currents of up to 1,000 amps under laboratory conditions at an ambient temperature of 40° C.

The cable’s core is a strand arrangement in which finely-layered hollow structures allow the flow of coolant. The water-based cooling fluid is non-toxic and largely biodegradable. Utilizing a newly-developed CCS2 connector, the coolant can be routed directly to the contacts. The cooling system allows cable lengths of up to 7 meters.

BRUGG eConnect says that employing this active cooling in both the charging cable and at the contacts permits a massive reduction in charging time. The fast-charging capability opens up the opportunity to charge next-gen high-capacity EVs within 8 minutes or less. In comparison, conventional 125-amp fast-charging stations can take up to an hour to charge 80% of the same battery.

BRUGG eConnect Manager Albert Martinez said, “Thanks to the innovative cooling technology, our charging system delivers twice as much power as previous high-performance cables – with higher flexibility at extremely low weight. The Alligator-HPC is ready for the powerful new generation of e-vehicles.”

Source: Brugg Cables


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