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HES Energy Systems reveals plans for hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft

Hydrogen fuel cell provider HES Energy Systems has been developing hydrogen propulsion systems for small unmanned aircraft for 12 years. Now the company has announced plans to develop a regional hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft, Element One. HES aims to release a flying prototype before 2025. The aircraft is designed to carry four passengers, and will have… Read more »

Tesla’s back! Q3 earnings report includes record revenue and healthy profit

Those of us who saw past the tweets and the alarmist headlines were expecting good news from Tesla’s third-quarter earnings report, as it became apparent that demand for Model 3 remains robust as the company emerges from production hell. However, even most true believers were expecting a small loss, or perhaps a nominal profit. Instead,… Read more »

Dyson selects Singapore for EV factory site

The British firm Dyson, famous for its innovative vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, has chosen Singapore as the manufacturing site for its upcoming EV. Dyson, which is investing some $2.6 billion in its effort to expand into automobiles, says it will complete the factory by 2020, and hopes to bring its first model to market… Read more »

Bollinger Motors announces electric pickup truck

Bollinger Motors (profiled in the May/June 2018 issue of Charged) is building a “no-nonsense back-to-basics all-electric sport utility truck” that fills a gap in the current EV market. The Bollinger B1 is built for the farm or the job site, a rugged work truck designed to haul large, heavy objects. As Bollinger moves through the… Read more »

Tesla launches new Model 3 version with Mid-Range battery pack for $45,000

Tesla has announced a new version of Model 3 with a new Mid-Range battery pack and 260 miles of range that will sell for $45,000. That’s $4,000 less than the price of the Long Range battery pack version, which has a 310-mile range. The rear-wheel-drive option will now only be available with the new Mid-Range… Read more »

One Republican Senator wants to extend federal EV tax credit, another wants to end it

Support for EVs on Capitol Hill does not divide neatly along partisan lines, as a pair of dueling bills in the Senate illustrates. This week, Senator Dean Heller (R-Nevada) proposed legislation that would lift the current cap on EV tax credits. Under current law, once a particular automaker sells 200,000 EVs, the tax credit will… Read more »

Tesla buys land for Chinese factory

Tesla has acquired a 210-acre piece of land in the Lingang region of Shanghai for its planned Gigafactory 3. No price has been announced. Lingang is located on the coast, about 47 miles from the center of Shanghai. Several automakers with foreign connections have facilities there, and unmarked test vehicles are often seen on the… Read more »

European automakers fear EVs will eat into auto industry profits

Several new electric models made their debut at the recent Paris Motor Show, including PSA’s DS3 Crossback and the Mercedes EQC, but off the noisy show floor, away from the turntables, hors d’oeuvres and booth bunnies, executives are ruefully acknowledging that the transition to EVs will mean an end to the record profits of recent… Read more »