The Infrastructure

Rocsys to supply autonomous charging solutions for electric yard tractors at Port of Oakland

Rocsys, a maker of autonomous conductive charging solutions, has signed an agreement with marine terminal operator SSA Marine to supply ROC-1 autonomous charging systems, which will autonomously charge part of SSA Marine’s electric yard tractor fleet at the International Container Terminal at the Port of Oakland. Autonomous charging is designed to enable reliable and fast… Read more »

Duke Energy’s EV Make Ready Credit program will lower installation costs for charging station owners

The North Carolina Utility Commission has approved Duke Energy’s EV Make Ready Credit (MRC) program, one of several pro-EV initiatives that the utility has in the pipeline. As the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) explains, make-ready programs reduce the cost of deploying EV charging infrastructure for charging station owners by giving utilities the responsibility… Read more »

Wallbox to sell its home EV chargers through NAPA Auto Parts

Charging station manufacturer Wallbox (NYSE:WBX) has announced that NAPA Auto Parts will be an authorized dealer of Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus smart home charger, online and in-store at more than 6,000 locations across the US and Canada. Pulsar Plus models 40A and 48A are Wallbox’s best-selling home chargers. Features include flexible amperage setting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi… Read more »

Hubject publishes Open Plug & Charge protocol

Hubject, the developer of an eRoaming platform that allows drivers to use charging stations from different networks in Europe, has published an independent protocol to standardize the developing Plug & Charge ecosystem. Plug & Charge (which, ironically for a system designed to enable interoperability, is also referred to as “Plug&Charge,” “Plug and Charge” and perhaps… Read more »

Siemens collaborates with Ford on custom bidirectional charger for F-150 Lightning electric pickup

Siemens eMobility is working with Ford to develop a custom charger for the upcoming F-150 Lightning. The Ford Charge Station Pro is a UL-certified, “bidirectional-ready” Level 2 charging station that features peak power of 19.2 kW. The Ford Charge Station Pro is required to enable Ford Intelligent Backup Power, a system that allows the F-150… Read more »

Tritium partners with Wise EV to roll out national US charging network

Charging station manufacturer Tritium (Nasdaq: DCFC) has formed a partnership with Wise EV, a subsidiary of renewable energy service provider Wise Power, to provide DC fast chargers for a new national EV charging network. The new network is expected to start with 25 locations at Florida gas stations. Florida is the number-two US state for… Read more »

Indian oil giant installs over 1,000 EV charging stations

IndianOil, India’s largest government-owned oil corporation, says it has installed more than 1,000 charging stations across the country. IndianOil installed its first public charger in 2017, in Nagpur. Now the company says it operates charging points in over 500 towns and cities, including multiple highway sites. IndianOil says it is setting up EV charging infrastructure… Read more »

Siemens unveils concept for modular, scalable charging system

Siemens has unveiled a concept for an EV charging structure designed for fleets and high-demand charging applications. The idea behind the new VersiCharge XL concept is to electrify new or existing parking lots and building structures quickly and efficiently by using a modular, scalable design. The new charging system houses all necessary electrical infrastructure components… Read more »

FlexGen’s containerized energy storage system minimizes demand charges for EV charging

FlexGen Power Systems, a provider of energy storage systems and related software, has launched a new system called Plug & Play FlexGen EV Charging Services, which uses the company’s updated HybridOS 9.3 energy management system platform. FlexGen’s EV charging solution provides a containerized energy storage system that’s designed to optimize energy consumption to ensure maximum… Read more »

Kia EV6 buyers to receive 1,000 kWh free charging from Electrify America

Buyers of the new Kia EV6 will receive 1,000 kWh of complimentary charging at any Electrify America station across the US—which translates to approximately 3,500 to 4,000 miles of electric driving—within three years from the date of purchase. EV6 buyers will receive an enrollment code through the Kia Connect in-car telematics system, and will be… Read more »