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SVOLT to scale production of batteries with Soteria’s safety tech

SVOLT will begin commercialization of lithium-ion batteries using safety technology from Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG), which, the company says, eliminates the root cause of thermal runaway and improves battery safety.     

SVOLT’s new portfolio, which will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2021, uses thin metalized film current collectors that improve energy density and weight. These 5 Ah, 10 Ah, 20 Ah and 60 Ah pouch cells, along with 60 Ah prismatic cells, will be optimized for EVs, electric aviation, drones and more.

Soteria BIG’s metalized film current collectors act as a fuse on the inside of a battery, allowing the battery to continue to function after damage.

“At SVOLT, we want to deliver the very safest batteries possible,” said VP Zhonglong Ma. “Implementing Soteria BIG’s technology enhances our product offering and shows our commitment to innovation.”

“SVOLT has produced high-quality NMC 811 cells with our materials that showed exceptional abuse tolerance,” said Soteria CTO Carl Hu. “When the Soteria BIG releases its safety certification standard, we expect SVOLT cells to be the first to pass.”

The certification standard, developed by Soteria BIG, SVOLT and other consortium members, combines newly developed tests and existing tests, like IEC 62660-2, with EUCAR level requirements after abuse.

Source: SVOLT 

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