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Sepion receives CEC grant for composite battery membranes

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has awarded $450,000 in grant funding to Sepion Technologies, an Emeryville, California company that’s developing a composite battery membrane designed to replace ceramic components.

Sepion’s composite membranes  provide high-flux and ion-selective transport, and the company says they can be processed in large-area formats at a fraction of the cost of ceramics.

The project’s goal is to scale a prototype battery membrane that enables drop-in, roll-to-roll manufacturing of lithium-metal anode batteries with significantly greater energy density compared to traditional graphite anode batteries.

Sepion hopes the composite membrane will maintain all the safety characteristics and competitive costs of traditional lithium-ion batteries by avoiding the need for large-scale reconfiguration of existing manufacturing lines.

With previous funding from the CEC, Sepion demonstrated its membrane’s ability to support stable cycling with lithium-metal anode batteries. Sepion plans to use the additional funding to scale up production to 100 kg batches with roll-to-roll manufacturing.


Source: California Energy Commission

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