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Renesas Electronics launches next-gen IGBT for EV inverters

Semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics has introduced a new generation of IGBTs. It’s part of the AE product line, and a version with a 750 V withstand voltage and 300 A is available now.

The AE5 is a silicon IGBT with an operating junction temperature range from -40° to 175° C and an on-voltage Vce of 1.3 V.

According to the company, the AE5 “enables a reduction in inverter power losses, improving power efficiency by up to 6% compared to the current AE4 process at the same current density, allowing EVs to drive longer distances and use fewer batteries.” Renesas also says the AE5 provides “10% higher current density compared to conventional products and small chip size (100 mm2/300 A) optimized for low power losses and high input resistance.”

The AE5 will be mass-produced on the company’s 200 and 300 mm wafer lines in Naka, Japan starting in the first half of 2023 and beginning in the first half of 2024 at its new 300 mm wafer lab in Kofu, Japan.

The company says it plans to add the AE5 to some of its kits, including the xEV Inverter Reference Solution motor-management kit, its xEV Inverter Kit and its xEV Inverter Application Model and Software kit.

“With the latest devices soon to be in mass production, we are providing optimal features and cost performance for mid-range EV inverters that are expected to grow rapidly in the future,” says VP of Renesas’s Power System Business Division Katsuya Konishi.

Source: Renesas Electronics

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