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Model X earns 5-star crash rating in every category

Tesla recently earned another feather in its corporate cap, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded Model X a 5-star safety rating in every category. All versions of Model X earned a perfect score in every one of the 11 sub-categories, the first SUV ever to do so.

NHTSA’s safety testing simulates a frontal crash between two vehicles, as well as various types of side crashes. It also tests a vehicle’s tendency to roll over (the testers couldn’t get Model X to tip over at all).

The tests assess not only the structure of the vehicle, but also the seatbelts and airbags. NHTSA told Tesla that Model X has the lowest probability of injury of any SUV the agency has ever tested, and that, in the event of a major crash, Model X occupants have a 93% probability of walking away without serious injury.

“Model X performs so much better in a crash than gas-powered SUVs because of its all-electric architecture and powertrain design,” says Tesla. “The rigid, fortified battery pack that powers Model X is mounted beneath the floor of the vehicle creating a center of gravity so low that Model X has the lowest rollover probability of any SUV on the road. No other SUV has ever come close to meeting and exceeding this rollover requirement.”

Source: NHTSA via Tesla


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