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Learn how Proterra designs, tests, and manufacturers battery systems for rugged heavy-duty EVs (Free Webcast)

In less than 2 years, the engineering team at Proterra designed, tested, and manufactured an industry-leading HD battery system that powered a vehicle that broke the world record for farthest distance traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge.

In a new webcast session announced this week at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, Thomas Blazak, Proterra’s Director of Test & Validation, Battery Engineering, will discuss how the engineering team was able to accomplish that feat. The webcast will cover the safe design and placement of battery packs, what operators should know about lithium-ion battery systems, and what tests and validation practices are most important for heavy-duty EVs.

Mr. Blazak will also discuss the importance of safety as the biggest priority of any battery-electric system. From cell selection and chemical makeup to battery pack design and placement, there are many factors that determine the quality, performance and safety of a battery pack.

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In addition to battery systems engineering, the Charged Virtual Conference will cover cell development, motor design and manufacturing, power electronics design and manufacturing, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection, wire & cable, and more. New sessions announced include:

  • Comparing 10 Leading EV Motors
  • 5-Layer Clad Busbars For Li-ion PacksBattery Modeling
  • Tesla’s Inverter Technology Versus Other BEVs
  • Rapid Determination Of Li-ion State-Of-Health For Grading Packs
  • Measuring Torque Ripple And Its Effects On Electric Power
  • Developing And Testing The BMS For A New EV Program
  • State-Of-The-Art Magnetic Alloys For EV Motors

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