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Ideal Power’s double-sided B-TRAN power semiconductor devices

ideal powers

Power conversion specialist Ideal Power (NASDAQ: IPWR) has produced prototypes of a new product called a Bi-Directional Bi-Polar Junction TRANsistor (B-TRAN).

Due to its anticipated low conduction and switching losses, Ideal Power believes the B-TRAN can improve the efficiency of a range of power control and conversion equipment, including EV drivetrains. The company expects the B-TRAN to address a significant portion of the power semiconductor market that currently relies on devices such as IGBTs.

Ideal Power will use the prototypes to test and characterize the capabilities of the B-TRAN, and the results will be used to optimize the device design and manufacturing process. The first commercial use of the devices is expected to be in Ideal Power’s PPSA-based converters.

“The B-TRAN, due to its unique double-sided structure, is expected to deliver substantial performance improvements over today’s power semiconductor devices in bi-directional power control applications,” said Bill Alexander, CTO of Ideal Power. “Currently, four conventional switches (two IGBTs and two diodes) are required to control power bi-directionally. We believe that the B-TRAN will be able to perform the same function with efficiency losses predicted to be 1/10th that of conventional switches.  The faster switching performance predicted for the B-TRAN should result in more efficient, smaller and lower cost power converters.”


Source: Ideal Power


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