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Dow launches a new series of liquid silicone rubbers  

Multinational chemical producer Dow has introduced a new range of primerless, self-adhesive, self-lubricating liquid silicone rubbers. The new SILASTIC SA 994X LSR series is designed for two-component injection molding with thermoplastic substrates, and is geared toward the mobility and transportation industries. The new product range is intended for automotive applications that include connector seals, battery vent gaskets and radiator gasket seals for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as environmental protection seals for autonomous vehicles’ lidar and radar housings.

The company says that the products offer manufacturers such benefits as durable adhesion under heat and humidity, rapid development of bond strength, 12-month shelf life, and instant and robust adhesion to a variety of plastic and metal substrates without the need for further heat treatment.

“As the requirements of automotive OEMs and tiers continue to evolve in response to the rapid change occurring throughout the industry, it’s of the utmost importance that they have the tools they need to keep up to speed,” said Global Marketing Director Jeroen Bello. “Liquid silicone rubbers are a critical material in multiple mobility and transportation applications and our team at Dow is continuously working toward greater global level innovation within this product category.”

Source: Dow

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