Complete Coach Works introduces a 466 kWh battery pack for transit buses

Complete Coach Works (CCW), a California company that offers repairs and upgrades for both fossil-fueled and electric transit buses and coaches, has announced an optional, larger 466 kWh onboard energy storage system for its Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS).

The larger battery pack is paired with a liquid-cooled all-electric drive system and a permanent magnet synchronous motor.

CCW says there are more than 50 ZEPS buses deployed in service in the US. Operators can opt to purchase newly refurbished buses from CCW’s inventory or have their existing fleets converted to all-electric.

CCW Director Brad Carson said, “We were able to keep the battery pack light, which improves vehicle reliability and efficiency. This upgrade will give agencies the extended range they need on a single charge.”


Source: Complete Coach Works

  • UnconventionalWisdom

    What is the range under normal operating conditions? I imagine air conditioning or heating would take a toll on range.

  • EVman

    Why are the cables so big? A 420KWH pack from DIYev is only $208K and includes homogenous heating and cooling for all batteries. Please remember that lower voltage requires much larger wires which creates more heat or loss of energy where as higher voltage system will give more power to the electric motor and runs with higher efficiency. AC and heat for the bus will take a large toll on the entire system.