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New EV motor epoxy encapsulation materials for 800 V designs

For the electrification of the automobile powertrain, new materials play a crucial role in enabling and facilitating a wide adoption of electromobility.

Join this session at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering this Fall, presented by Huntsman Advanced Materials, to learn more about new materials serving as secondary insulation in the stator and rotor (e.g. facilitating new 800 V and ESM magnetless rotor designs). Based on thermal, electrical, ambient, mechanical and processing requirements for the secondary insulation, we will discuss how epoxy-based impregnation and encapsulation resins can serve them:

  • Thermally: Thermally conductive Araldite epoxy resins can facilitate heat transfer and improve power density by up to 25%.
  • Electrically: Important for 800 V drives, Araldite epoxy resins with high flow and impregnation capability can
    help to produce void-free parts and improve electrical properties, i.e. partial discharge
  • In Ambient Conditions: Araldite epoxy resins can withstand aggressive chemicals (ATF), high temperatures and thermal shocks (crack resistance)
  • Mechanically: High-Tg Araldite epoxy resins can mechanically reinforce coils under rotation and thermal loads
  • Processing: Araldite epoxy resins offer fast flow and short cure times, facilitating short cycle times and a CAPEX reduction by up to 50%.

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Other sessions at our Fall Virtual Conference include:

Soft Magnetic Material Advancements for Higher Performance EVs and Other Size and Weight-Sensitive Applications

Carpenter Electrification’s newly formed and fast-growing Motor Technology Center (MTC) is part of a multimillion-dollar investment to advance and accelerate its disruptive laminations and stacks technology.

In this session, Dr. Nir Vaks will present the buildup of this state-of-the-art facility including some of its unique equipment, stack and motor testing capabilities, and overall operations. In addition, Nir will demonstrate how Carpenter Electrification’s high-induction, low loss magnetic materials and stack technology is being used to improve motor torque, power, and size. Specifically, discussion on the effects of stress on motor performance, the importance of stacking methods, examples of stacks created in the MTC, and plans for future advancements will be included.

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See the full sessions list for the Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering here.

Broadcast live October 18 – 21, 2021, the conference content will span the EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection, wire and cable, EMI/EMC and more.

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