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Model S burns up at Norwegian Supercharger station

The new year seems to have started out uncomfortably hot for Tesla, as a Model S caught fire while charging at a Supercharger site in Brokelandsheia, Norway. While a couple of Model S have burned after crashes, this is the first known fire to have started while Supercharging.


Norwegian news agency NRK reported that the car caught fire soon after the driver had plugged in and walked away. A fire department spokesman said it was completely ablaze when firefighters arrived, and all they could do was to cordon off the area and cool the site with foam.

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The Model S was completely destroyed, and the Brokelandsheia charging station remains out of commission until further notice.

As yet, authorities can’t say anything about the reason for the blaze, but will be making a complete examination of the scene.

“Nobody was harmed. We are undergoing a full investigation and will share our findings as soon as possible,” a Tesla spokesperson told Jalopnik.


Sources: Faedrelandsvennen, NRK, Ekstrabladet, Jalopnik, InsideEVs

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