Stolen Model S destroyed in spectacular crash

Tesla Model S Rain

Don’t try this at home, folks. A stolen Tesla Model S was broken in half and incinerated in a multi-car crash following a 100-mph police chase through West Hollywood.

Three other vehicles were also destroyed, and six people went to local hospitals, some in critical condition. The Model S was cut in two pieces by the collision, and the rear half ended up wedged into the entrance of a building. Local news reports naturally pointed out that the car’s lithium-ion battery pack burst into flames.

According to police, the Tesla was stolen from a maintenance facility in Westchester. The cops pursued, but gave up the chase when a police car crashed. The thief sped on another several miles before smashing into the other vehicles and a light pole that sliced the car in half. The normally busy intersection on La Brea Avenue was left strewn with debris, and was closed until late the next day. Miraculously, the miscreant is still alive, after being ejected through the windshield. 


Source: Green Car Reports, AutoblogGreen
Image: Isaac Z. Ortiz/Flickr