Los Angeles van pool and car share service deploys fleet of Model X

Tesla Model X

In Southern California, with its clogged freeways and limited public transport, van pools have become a popular way to commute. According to LA-based Green Commuter, there are currently about 3,000 van pools operating in the Greater Los Angeles region.

Now the company has introduced a van pool and car share service with a fleet of Tesla Model X. Van pool users will be able to lease the vehicles on a monthly basis. Green Commuter says that total commuting costs are comparable to or cheaper than legacy vans or SUVs.

The company chose the Model X because it is the only EV currently available that offers seating for seven passengers and a sufficient range.

“Current van pool commuters only use their vans between 10 to 15 hours per week, based on an average one- to one-and-a-half-hour commute each way for five days,” said Green Commuter CEO Gustavo Occhiuzzo. “That’s only 6 to 9% of the time during any given week. Green Commuter developed an app that enables the synergy between the van pool and car share systems that will dramatically increase the benefits for all users and maximize the use of the vehicles.”


Source: Green Car Congress
Image: Nathania Johnson – CC BY 2.0

  • Dennis Worley

    The future is here!

  • Electric Bill

    I expect that once the Model 3 starts to roll off the assembly line next year, they will find lots of cab drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers and delivery services ordering them as their primary vehicles– much the way Prii have become most popular among cabbies today.

    With semis, pickups, vans and other vehicles being included in Tesla’s product line, it will become easier and easier to drive electric regardless of what your needs are, and more and more imperative that we dramatically expand the EV charging infrastructure as Obama has recently provided funding for.