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Littelfuse’s new overtemperature detection solution for EV battery packs

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has introduced a new overtemperature detection platform for Li-ion battery systems. The new TTape system is designed to help vehicle systems manage premature cell aging effectively while reducing the risks associated with thermal runaway incidents. Littelfuse explains that TTape is suited for a wide range of applications, including EVs, hybrids and… Read more »

Littelfuse introduces automotive-grade 3 kA high-surge AC current protector for EVs

Littelfuse, a US electronics company, has launched a new AC surge current protector series for EVs and hybrids operating in harsh environments. The Pxxx0S3N-A Automotive Grade SIDACtor Protection Thyristor Series in DO-214AB (SMC) package offers high power density and can withstand surge currents up to 3 kA (8/20 µs) and voltages up to 6 kV… Read more »

Littelfuse introduces Residual Current Monitor product line for EV charging stations

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has introduced its Western Automation Research and Development Residual Current Monitor (RCM) product line to detect AC and DC ground fault currents in EV charging installations. When a residual fault current occurs, the RCM sends an output signal that triggers a relay or contactor to shut off the supply power and… Read more »

Littelfuse releases AEC-Q200 Rev E-qualified fuses for demanding automotive-grade applications

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has released a new series of fuses specifically designed for the demanding circuit protection needs of compact automotive electronics and EV applications. The new portfolio of AEC-Q200 Rev E-qualified fuses includes a range of thin-film, nano, PICO and cartridge fuses, all certified to meet the AEC-Q200 Rev E qualifications for fuses… Read more »

Littelfuse expands lineup of DC contactors for e-mobility

Industrial technology manufacturer Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) has expanded its portfolio of DC contactors developed specifically for e-mobility  and industrial applications. Littelfuse DC contactor relays are available with continuous current ratings up to 500 A and maximum voltage ratings up to 1,800 V. Multiple designs are available to meet the requirements of a wide variety of… Read more »

Littelfuse acquires C&K Switches

Littelfuse, a circuit protection specialist, has acquired electromechanical switch company C&K Switches. C&K Switches designs and manufactures switches and interconnect systems for the industrial, transportation, aerospace and datacom markets. “The combination of our companies significantly expands our technologies and capabilities, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions offering to our broad customer base, across a wide… Read more »

Littelfuse’s new high-current, high-voltage cartridge fuse is designed for EV charging

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has unveiled a new high-current, high-voltage, compact cartridge fuse designed for overcurrent protection in EV charging equipment. The 607 Series is rated at 500 V, from 40 to 63 A, and has a 10,000 A interrupting rating. Littelfuse is offering the through-hole fuses in tray packages of 500. The fuses work… Read more »

Littelfuse launches new fuse for EV on-board chargers and PDUs

Circuit protection manufacturer Littelfuse has launched a new high-voltage cartridge fuse for the on-board chargers and power distribution units (PDUs) of EVs. The new 828 series High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses are AEC-Q200 compliant, and are available in a tray package of 500 for the through-hole version, and 300 for the bolt-down version. The company says “the… Read more »

Littelfuse introduces new 1,000 VDC-rated fuse for EVs

The latest circuit protection product from Littelfuse is a new 1,000 VDC-rated fuse designed for protecting the on-board chargers, battery distribution units, battery packs, converters, inverters and auxiliary loads of EVs from overcurrent. The company says the new fuse is “the first automotive-grade fuse with a rating of 1,000 VDC.” The EV1K Series fuses are… Read more »

Littelfuse unveils new thyristor product line with 3 kA of surge protection

Circuit protection manufacturer Littelfuse has introduced a new thyristor product line, which is designed to safeguard exposed surfaces such as RS-485 data interfaces and AC/DC power supplies in factory automation systems, energy storage systems, power distribution grids and EV charging systems. The Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor Protection Thyristor is housed in a DO-214AB (SMC) package, and supplies… Read more »