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Amada Miyachi Europe provides welding equipment for new LIGHT Battery

Manufacturing batteries for EVs requires specialized equipment, and battery makers require different systems depending on battery type, tab material and thickness, and production volume. Amada Miyachi Europe is a company that provides a range of resistance and laser welding equipment for just this purpose.

Most recently, the company provided resistance welding equipment to German battery system manufacturer LION Smart for the development of a proprietary new battery. LION Smart’s LIGHT Battery provides 100 kWh of energy, and keeps the cells cool by immersing them in 3M Novec cooling fluid.

The LIGHT Battery was designed for fully automated production. It uses infrared communication instead of wires, which frees up the cylindrical cells for a high packing density.

Amada Miyachi Europe provides six laser welding technologies and four resistance welding technologies, as well as micro-arc (or pulse-arc) welding.


Source: Amada Miyachi Europe





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